Thursday, 22 April 2010

Secular Messiah

William Tarkovsky hails secular messiah

In postings on the Internet today William Tarkovsky welcomes Raj Patel, UK economist and author, as a ‘superstition-free' messiah.

Tarkovsky, who has himself been described by mystics as ‘The One who is to Come’, states that Raj Patel ‘is a sensible, intelligent and compassionate man who demonstrates a profound commitment to humanity.’

Referencing a plague of contemporary messiahs, Tarkovsky asks, ‘Why shouldn’t our species be allowed to have messiahs who are just human… What need is there for mysticism and the paranormal when there are wonderful and insightful individuals already in our midst who can guide us towards a survivable or even sustainable 21st Century?’

Raj Patel denies his description as the Maitreya (new Messiah or even anti-Christ), drawing comic comparisons to Monthy Python’s Life of Brian: ‘I am not the messiah, I am just a naughty boy.’

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