Monday, 7 December 2009


Where should we turn when faced with overwhelming loss?

We should turn to gaze into the mirror.

Our faces express a genetic truth.

We arise from one source.

Evolution has made us.

Biology unites us.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

The Book of New Creation

Sample Ordinances

From the ‘writings on the wall’ of
William Tarkovsky

"Without a moral code, a point to our lives, we are lost… and we are lost…

"Look around you…

"Are we not lost?"

William Tarkovsky, Aug 2012


“There are dead zones in our oceans”

There are dead zones in our oceans, expanding with each season and never contracting

There are nil zones of ozone high above our heads

The glaciers whose melt-waters feed our valleys and our fields are vanishing while we sleep

The ice caps that reject the sun’s heat are melting with the heat of our industry and consumption

The permafrost that holds ancient marshland in place is de-frosting and unleashing its contagion

The seas that feed and sustain our world are rising and baring their teeth

The very air that we breath grows warmer than it should be, grows cold where it should be warm

Storms smash our cities, kill our people and destroy our crops

The species that abut our species are dying all around us

We are on the brink of the apocalypse

“The time has come”

Now is the time to embrace our fear

The time has come to be afraid

When animals know fear what do they do?

When animals know fear they turn and flee – or turn and fight

We are the turners and the fighters

We are resourceful

We will face the menace squarely

We are strong

We will look upon our enemy with wide unblinking eyes

We are resolute

We can overcome the menace that rushes towards us

We are resourceful

We will meet our enemy face to face


We are afraid - yet we are willing to fight

We are afraid

Yet we will not retreat

We are afraid

Yet we will overcome the menace rushing towards us

For we are resourceful

We will meet our enemy face to face

But who is our enemy?

What is this menace?

From where does it come?

We are the menace

We are the enemy

The enemy is ourselves


“We are lost”

Without a moral code, a point to our
lives, we are lost… and we are lost…

Look around you…

Are we not lost?

A house without structure is not a house. A human being without purpose is not a human being. Look around you. What kinds of animal do you see?

The rivers of fact on which we are fed dominate our minds. But behind this complexity is there not a simple truth which should long ago have been revealed?

Humanity is lost in an ocean of belief. Each self-serving ideology hides its motivation behind a tsunami of propaganda, a multiplicity of facts

We will cast off the untruths of our leaders and controllers

We will open our eyes

Our Mission

For we are part of a mission that began when life began, that will not cease until all life ceases. We are a part of the great, thrusting project of evolution, within which we shall never be alone, as part of which we have not just one life but a thousand million lives


We are the guardians of evolution. We are the protectors of our species. We are the defenders of our children’s future. We are the adults of our species. The protection of our species and of those species upon which our species depends is our mission. We are warriors for this mission. We are soldiers in an army with this sole purpose

The source of our authority lies in the fact that we are human. Our commitment to the survival of the human race is implicit in that fact. Our commitment to humanity arises from that fact. Our love for humankind is as undeniable as that fact


“Do not trust your politicians”

Do not trust your politicians
Do not trust your religions
Do not trust your celebrities
Do not trust your businessmen, your gurus, your pundits, your pop stars, your generals
Do not trust those who call out for your trust

The leaders of our world self-select for the worst in human nature: for power-hunger, for narcissism, for greed. Would you share the same table with men such as these? Would you share the same table with women such as these? Can you trust them with your children’s future, with the future of your species?


Our leaders deny that we have meaning. In its place they put media gossip. In its place they put television platitude. Their purpose is to confuse us, to mislead us. Their very purpose is to make us weak

Why should we have a purpose that conflicts with their purpose? Will we still be enslaved if we know our own minds?

Consumption and wealth is the enemy of our species. The wealth of those who join us on the path of New Creation lies in action not possession – lies in wresting the freedom of our species from our owners and controllers

Your Faiths and Creeds

The faiths of today exist to serve their leaders, to swathe them in privilege and comfort. They provide hierarchies of power up which the power-hungry climb – and their rampant hypocrisy cries out for redress

Reverence and subordination are the weapons of your faiths – but they have no weapons against the followers of New Creation

And hankering at your heels are the latter-day cults, with their insidious inventions of parable and myth

Theirs is the voice of decadence and corruption, of power-hunger and deceit, of ego-mania and subservience

These cults deny their origins. They lie about their history. They lie about their visions. They fabricate revelation but seek only control


We Are Strong

In humanism and service we shall find courage. In New Creation the animal in the man is harnessed, the alien is made human, the human becomes keeper of itself

In New Creation we are one

In New Creation we are strong

Join Us

Disagree – and you define us
Become our enemy – and you will make us stronger
Change – and gain meaning
Join us – and know purpose

Self-change is our weapon
Self-sacrifice is our weapon
Service to our species and service to our world is our purpose
Unity and belonging are our strength
Imagination and thought are our strength
Dedication and commitment are our strength
Dedication to humanity and to the service of life everywhere is our strength
It is a strength that our enemies cannot understand

Our enemies will resist us
The self-destructive will resist us
The greedy and the self-obsessed will fight us -
but we know who is wrong and who is right without the need of fear or superstition
And they know who is wrong and who is right, but their perceptions rest upon irrational belief...

We alone have the strength of true belief, untrammelled by prejudice or parable or myth
We alone have the strength of unity and meaning
We alone are the adults of our species
We alone are the wardens to our world
Our enemies shall want and need and crave
and we shall stand before them with a level gaze

Our eyes are the eyes of humans everywhere
Our children are their children
Our future is their future
We will not stand aside and watch their self-destruction
We will not appease their societies of superstition or greed
nor abase ourselves before their edifice of wealth

We are casting off their pointless shackles
Our purpose is irrefutable

Disagree – and you define us
Become our enemy – and you will make us stronger
Change – and achieve meaning
Join us – and live forever

Copyright © Luke Andreski and William Tarkovsky 2010
The right of Luke Andreski and William Tarkovsky to be identified as the authors of The Book of New Creation hasbeen asserted by them in accordance with sections 77 and 78 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.